Check out this TikTok hack to shred chicken using a whisk

When it comes to shredded chicken, we tend to go for the ‘hack it within an inch of its life’ approach, just so it truly helps us to channel our rage when the kitchen chore becomes too tiresome or frustrating for us to handle.

However, in a video which has been viewed more than 25 million times and received more than 32,000 comments, a TikToker has offered up an unusual solution to the problem which has raised eyebrows among those in the comments.

Chenel Kruger, who runs the account @raising.wildings_, can be seen placing an electric whisk into a pan full of chicken before mixing it around and turning the meat into thin, shredded pieces. As she prepares to shred it, she writes that the idea is “honestly [the] best life hack of my adult life”.

“*Thinks back to all the time wasted in the past*,” she added in the video’s caption.


Such an unconventional method has since left commenters divided.

“OK that’s actually smart,” wrote one.

Another wrote: “As a Mexican child who has spent hours of my life shredding this stuff I’m ready to throw hands.”

“Need to show this to my mom,” commented a third.

Meanwhile, others criticised Kruger for not adding seasoning and for using a non-stick pan in the video.

“It ain’t even seasoned,” said one account, followed by a skull emoji.

“OK but now I need to wash more things,” complained another.

Kruger has since released a follow-up video mocking the negative comments, poking fun at responses such as “season your chicken” and “RIP non-stick coating”.

It’s a smart idea, for sure, but we might have to chicken out of giving this one a try – it could be whisky.


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