Cheeky child shows off chalk drawing of his dad who is mortified by tiny ‘widgy woo’

A toddler proudly showed off a chalk masterpiece that he drew while at nursery of his dad, complete with a tiny ‘widgy woo’ that left the older man feeling mortified

Chris and his son

A dad was left red-faced when his cheeky son showed him the chalk drawing he did while at nursery.

Four-year-old Abe Fryer had worked on a chalk masterpiece on the playground floor, which featured an image of his dad, Chris.

The cheeky tot beamed with pride as he showed off his handiwork when his dad arrived to collect him later that day.

He then burst out laughing as he explained the drawing was of the 43-year-old and even featured a tiny ‘widgy woo’ (Abe’s adorable choice of words for male private parts).

Chris, a production supervisor, was left mortified when he noticed the very small addition between his legs though.

Abe was very proud of his drawing


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Despite the ‘disappointment’ that the widgy woo was so small, Chris admits he was impressed by how detailed his little lad’s artwork was.

The dad even took a photo of Abe posing with a huge smile and two thumbs up next to his masterpiece and sent it to their family WhatsApp group, giving his wife Vicki Fryer, 42, a good laugh.

Vicki posted the incredibly cute snap on Facebook where it went viral, being liked by more than 2,100 people.

Chris, who lives in Bakewell, Derbyshire, said: “As I walked around to the feet of the drawing, I said ‘oh, he’s got a widgy woo on it’. Abe started laughing and pointed at me and said ‘yeah, I drew it so it looks like your widgy woo’.

“I said ‘oh right, thank you very much’. Luckily no one else was there, thank God. If other parents were there it would have been a bit embarrassing.”

The whole family had a good laugh over the drawing


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He continued: “I was a bit disappointed that he drew the widgy woo quite small.

“Obviously I still shower with him you see, that’s where he probably got it from. I was like ‘my God, I didn’t think you’d be drawing things like that at nursery’.

“I thought his drawing was very good. It’s got plenty of detail on it.

“I think it’s got eight fingers on one hand but he’s got the gist of it – fingers on hands, facial features, it’s just he decided to leave a gap and draw a widgy woo on it.”

Full-time store manager Vicki described her only son Abe as a ‘little darling’ who is a ‘very lively character’ with a great sense of humour.

This is Abe’s first drawing featuring any private parts and his mum is very relieved Chris was the subject of their little boy’s slightly rude artwork and not her.

Vicki added: “Abe was very proud to show Chris, he loves his drawings.

“Chris just started laughing. He thought it was quite hysterical to be honest and then he WhatsApped me and all our family group to show us all.

“I thought it was hysterical too. It’s very Abe and something he would do. I’m just glad it wasn’t me and it was his dad.

“It just made me laugh and I thought it might make a few other people laugh. I didn’t expect it to get such a reaction.

“Facebook comments that stood out were about it being cold and whether it was to scale – it was quite nice to make people laugh.”

The mum-of-one’s comical post has received dozens of comments online – with one user branding it the “funniest thing ever”.

Another person commented: “Anyone else mistake the leg for the ‘widgy woo’ at first glance and think ‘lucky lady’? No, just me.”

A third said: “Did Daddy jump straight in and tell the staff that it must be a cold morning?”

Someone else wrote: “Widgy woo! Oh my god, I love your boy!”

While a different user added: “This is great. Got to love kids and their quirky sometimes slightly embarrassing ways.”

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