Chip shop ‘insiders’ share secrets to make perfect chips – including little known tip

Chips – the glorious treat that is beloved by Brits.

We love them with burgers, fish and even in butties.

But how do you cook them so they’re the same as the spuds you get down the chippy?

A Reddit user has pointed out that fish and chip shop chips have a very particular iconic taste that they struggle to recreate at home.

They wrote: “I’ve always wondered what the exact steps are to go from potato to those beautiful, English style big chips.”

They asked for advice on how to replicate the fried flavour – and thankfully, foodies were more than happy to share their advice.

Reddit users share the secrets of chip shop chips

The Reddit post asked: “ I can’t recreate them at home. Anybody know?”

And dozens of people delivered with their top tips.

One user commented: “The raw chips are soaked in water for 24 hours to remove starch.

“They are fried in oil for several minutes at 170 degrees. They are then taken out and plunged into 190 degree oil for a couple more minutes.”

A thankful Reddit user said: “This is a quality post. I knew about double frying but I didn’t know about the pre-soak. Makes a lot of sense though.”

Others came forward with more advice too.

One commenter suggested: “I have a feeling that the chips are blanched, fried at a low temp then kept and fried again at a high temp before chucking in the cabinet under the lights.”

And another chipped in: “I used to work in a chip shop. We usually would get the potatoes in sacks, then put the potatoes in this machine that sort of spins around inside rapidly so it can scrape off the skin and the soil that remains on the potatoes.

“Then the potatoes are put into a chip cutter machine and then soaked in a huge tub of water to remove the starch. Then we just grab a basket, place it in the tub to scoop up the chips and fry them.”

After all that detective work I think we have earned a chippy for dinner.

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