Chloe Bailey & Rap Superstar Future Are Reportedly Dating

Chloe Bailey is going through a huge transformation in her life – and that includes her dating choices as well. A new report has it that Chloe has been low-key dating rap superstar Future.

According to an insider, the two are “pretty serious.” One o Future’s said he and Chloe met “in the studio” a few months ago and have stayed in contact ever since.

The friend explained, “[Chloe] is a good girl, and Future wants that type. They have been kicking it for a few months.” The friend added that Future is really taken by the gorgeous singer. “I can see them walking the red carpet together.”

Chloe Bailey Is Reportedly Dating Future And They're Serious

Chloe has been single for the past 2 years, however – and Future appears to be her first serious relationship since she was a teenager.

The beautiful singer explained her relationship status on Instagram last yer – and she was direct with her response, saying: “Honestly I don’t. . .I can’t talk to multiple people at one time like that. I just. . .I don’t have it in me. I can’t do it. I cannot.”

She continued: “I don’t know if it’s the Cancer in me, but right now it’s my music. Music is my man. I come home to him every single night and I love it. He’s faithful to me.”

“He loves me. He makes me promises he can keep. We are making our dreams come true together. So I’m in love. . . I’m in love right now with music.” the singer concluded.

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