Clever Farmer Finds a Solution to Save his Chickens from Being Run Over by Vehicles

A farmer that lived countryside was having a peaceful life until the highway authorities decided to construct a bypass road passing right in front of his farm. Initially, it didn’t make any difference to his life, but it turned out to be a big headache after a few days.

As days went by, the traffic on the road started increasing, and vehicles would run over his chickens. At least two chickens a day, sometimes three are getting run over by these heavy vehicles. If the farmer doesn’t do anything about this, his chickens would be killed within weeks.

Worried about his chickens, the farmer decided to complain about this to a local cop. After listening to his problem, the officer has suggested he erect a sign that read, “SLOW: SCHOOL ZONE,” which would make the drivers slow, letting the chickens escape.

The farmer has erected this signboard, but he quickly realized that it isn’t working. The vehicles didn’t slow and were running over the poor chickens.

Agonized with this, the poor farmer called the local cop, and the cop suggested he change the sign to “SLOW: CHILDREN AT PLAY.” However, this, too, didn’t help in slowing down the vehicles.

When the farmer revisited the local cop, he was told that the cop is busy with criminals in the village and is not meant to help people with pitty problems like chickens being run over. So the farmer disappointedly returned home.

However, he didn’t give up. He came up with one last sign. Surprisingly this time, the movement did wonders. None of his chickens were run over in one whole week. After this accomplishment, the farmer called up the cop to let him know his success story.

Curious about how the farmer solved this, the cop decided to visit his farm. And on his way, he found a sign along the fence that read, “SLOW: NUDIST COLONY.”

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