Cop Stops When He Sees Mom Mowing Wearing Baby In Carrier

Moms are masters at multitasking. The only way to knock things off the to-do list is to tackle them with gusto.

With a baby on her hip and a toddler wrapped around her leg, Supermom can unload the dishwasher, fill up the washing machine, feed the dog, fix the other kids’ breakfast and check email with one hand it seems. She’s pretty impressive to watch in action.

Flickr/andrea castelli

But sometimes, even Supermom struggles. Mom of three Rachael Brindley had been juggling parenting and taking care of the home and other tasks, but tackling one particular item proved to be quite challenging.

Rachael’s hubby Ryan had been working on a project and ran out of time to mow their lawn. So she placed their four-month old in a front-facing infant carrier, strapped it to her torso and took on the job herself.

She told KCTV5 News:

“It was a nice day out and so I thought I’d help my husband out and cut it myself. I enjoy cutting the grass.”

Facebook/Rachael Godsey Brindley

But when a Madison County sheriff’s deputy pulled into her driveway, Rachael panicked. She worried she had done something wrong!

The young mom later wrote on Facebook:

“Y’all I thought I was about to get in trouble or something…”

The officer did indeed stop because he saw Rachael trying to mow while carrying the baby. Fortunately though, it wasn’t for the reason she thought.

“…this sweet sheriff stopped and insisted on mowing my yard for me!!”

He couldn’t just drive by feeling she could use a helping hand. Instead the Madison County deputy decided to stop and offer her one – mowing the lawn himself.

Facebook/Rachael Godsey Brindley

Ryan told KCTV that he and his wife could not believe what the officer did for them. They were quite grateful for his thoughtful act of kindness.

“It’s small in nature, but was a huge help to my wife today.”

What an awesome thing the deputy did! Since Rachael posted her story on Facebook it’s been shared more than 17,000 times.

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