Corpse Husband hits massive Twitch milestone after only 2 streams

Musician and YouTuber CorpseHusband has joined the ranks as a Twitch streamer, hitting a follower milestone that has taken other content creators years to accomplish.

CorpseHusband has garnered a following through music collaborations with artists like Machine Gun Kelly and Bring me the Horizon, as well as a YouTube channel dedicated to horror and Among Us videos.

Some of his Among Us videos reached above the 20 million view mark, and his subscriber count skyrocketed to over seven million.

Many of his fans wondered if he would ever get into the streaming game, as Twitch is now bigger than ever. Corpse finally did make his Twitch debut, and after just streaming twice, he hit a massive milestone.

Corpse Husband

Corpse’s track “EGIRLS RUINED MY LIFE” hit 150,000,000 plays on Spotify.

Corpse’s Twitch milestone

CorpseHusband reached one million viewers after just two streams on the platform.

The achievement is a testament to how massive a fanbase he has grown since his expansion into gaming. He streamed the new zombie co-op shooter BACK 4 BLOOD with streamers Valkyrae, Sykkuno, and DisguisedToast. The stream was also a birthday celebration with Corpse’s birthday being August 8.

The single gaming stream got nearly 700k viewers in just over three hours of streaming, instantly making him one of the biggest channels on the site. BACK 4 BLOOD fits Corpse’s style of game perfectly as a horror title, and it’s possible we will see more streams in the future of the game for him. Corpse originally made his YouTube channel successful through horror videos, so he could get more into streaming through co-op horror titles.

Corpse recently gave his opinion on the difference between streaming and making YouTube videos saying, “I think it’s good for me (streaming) every now and then because it forces me to become very uncomfortable.”

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