Couple divided after woman sells flat to family and turns down higher offer

A couple have been left divided after a woman opted to sell her flat to a father and son duo rather than a property investor – even though the latter had offered her more money

A woman and her partner and locked in a bitter dispute

A couple have been left divided after a woman sold her flat to a father and son duo rather than a property investor who offered more money.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said the investor first offered her less than the asking price and she turned it down, before receiving an offer from a private individual.

He said that he was looking for a flat for himself and his disabled son, in an effort to help his child gain independence, and together they offered the price the woman had asked for.

She accepted the offer but before she did so, the property developer returned and offered $2,500 (£1,821) over the asking price – which she politely declined, and now her boyfriend is furious.

The woman wanted to do a good deed, but her partner wanted the money


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Taking to Reddit, the woman said: “My fiancé and I are in the process of selling our respective flats in order to purchase a house together – his flat sold very quickly, I’m still in the process of selling mine.

“Pretty early on an investor buyer, who intended to buy the flat to rent out for profit, submitted an offer 10k less than it’s worth – obviously, I rejected this offer.

“A couple of weeks later a lovely father and his disabled son who were looking for an accessible ground floor flat like mine to move in to help his son gain more independence, viewed the property multiple times and then put in an offer of exactly what I wanted for it.

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“I only met them briefly but they seemed like nice people. As I don’t agree with landlords on principle, I was thrilled to be able to sell the flat I loved so much to people that deserved it.

“They made an offer on Friday so I was waiting until Monday to formally accept it, when over the weekend the investor buyer that had low balled me previously, came out of the woodwork and offered me two and a half grand more than the man and his son.

“So here’s where my fiancé and I disagree. He thinks I should just take the highest offer, as I don’t owe anything to the father and son, so why would I turn down more money?

“He also believes that because we’re going to be buying a property together, he should have some say on how much money I end up with to put towards it.

“I can see where he’s coming from but I just really don’t want to see my lovely little flat go to some greedy investor to make an easy buck on.”

After sharing her story online, other Reddit users rushed to the woman’s defence and said they would have rejected the higher offer too.

One said: “$2,500 is not going to make a big difference in what property you and your fiancé can purchase but that apartment will probably make a big difference for the man and his son.”

While a second added: “It’s not even enough money to consider going over to the dark side.”

“It’s your property to sell and he’s guilting you to accept 2.5k more to sell to a buyer you don’t agree with?” Wrote a third. “Not cool.”

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