Couple transform their tired garden into a pergola paradise thanks to bargain Aldi furniture

WHO doesn’t love a garden renovation project?

We often see people on TikTok sharing their garden revamps and here’s another one that we are obsessed with.



The couple documented their garden transformation on TikTokCredit: @renovationliving/Tiktok

First-time buyers Becca and Jordan recently moved into a tired bungalow and are giving it the ultimate transformation, inside and out.

Becca Larkin is posting her renovation tips and bungalow transformation journey to her TikTok account, ‘renovationliving’.

In one of Becca’s recent videos, she documents the couples’ garden journey, as they transform their tired, overgrown garden into a pergola paradise.

And best of all, it’s packed with bargain Aldi furniture that is gorgeous!

The video is captioned: “Watch us transform our garden” and shows Becca and Jordan working together.

Becca said: “We gutted the garden to start from scratch” and the video shows large bags full of garden waste.

Becca is seen digging a hole for the pergola which we then see Jordan building.

Becca painted the fence but admitted: “Painting the fence took days!”.

The couple got some fresh grass put down to add to the chic look.

The finished product is a pergola paradise that is perfect for the Summer.

Becca’s video was only posted a few days ago, but already has 5,137 views and 400 likes.

People were quick to compliment Becca and Jordan’s garden transformation.

One person said: “Amazing.”

Another added: “Love the bed thing where’s it from?” to which Becca replied “It’s from Aldi!”

A third commented: “So pretty.”

In Becca’s other videos, she has shared the couples’ renovation journey.

The pair viewed lots of houses and went for one that needed a big transformation.

In December 2020 the couple got the keys to their first home and have been working together as a team on the renovations ever since.

In January, they gutted the whole bungalow and by February they plastered the walls and got a new heating system.

When the March lockdown hit, the couple moved into Jordan’s family home and put a halt on the renovations.

But they were back to the bungalow in April and started on clearing the garden.

The couple finally moved in in July.

The couple have been working hard and it shows – their bungalow is gorgeous and it has really transformed.

Their pergola is perfect for the summer and full of Aldi furniture


Their pergola is perfect for the summer and full of Aldi furnitureCredit: @renovationliving/Tiktok

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