‘CSI’ Fans Send Love to William Petersen After Hospitalization

CSI fans are sending their love and support to series star William Petersen after the actor was recently hospitalized. On Sunday, E! News reported that Petersen began to feel unwell on the set of the CSI revival on Friday. He was transported to a medical care facility “as a precautionary measure.” Petersen has been hard at work o the new franchise installment, CSI: Vegas.

“Billy wasn’t feeling well on Friday,” a rep for Petersen said in a statement. “He is exhausted from long hours on set for the past 12 weeks. He was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure.” It is also reported that Petersen had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance, amplifying fans’ concerns. Thankfully, it is also reported that Petersen has already been discharged and is starting to feel much better. Scroll down to read some kind words from CSI fans who’ve been sending positive energy to Petersen.

“Get well man!” another fan tweeted.


“Hope William Petersen is feeling better now. Such a legend,” somebody else commented.


“All my prayers to William Petersen, his family, friends, and loved ones and their health. God Bless You All,” a Twitter user wrote.


“Please take care of yourself sweet William,” a concerned fan tweeted. “I am so happy to see you will be back — I cant wait!”


“Great to hear he is doing better!” one last CSI fan exclaimed.



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