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Daily Joke: Man Can’t Get Rid Of The Duck On His Head

Daily Joke: Man Can’t Get Rid Of The Duck On His Head

Before coming home from work, a man decided to stroll around a park to get some fresh air and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Having worked all day, he decided to refresh his mind.

It was a breezy evening in late spring, and the park was full of lush greenery and eye-catching, colorful flowers. A flock of birds was chirping in the trees while squirrels ran around chasing one another up as high as they could.

The man thought- “I make the right choice of coming to the park. I can’t remember when I felt this refreshed. So good to be surrounded by nature”.

He continued walking around the park for a while and appreciated nature to the fullest. He saw many people there just like him who were relaxing and adoring nature. He thought why he does not come here more often. “Being around nature is the best way to unwind after exhausting work.” The man said to himself.

Then the man lay down on the grass and spent some time staring at the pretty sky. Soon he watched the sun going down and the sky changing colors. He realized it’d been many hours, and now he should head back home.

As he was leaving the park, he saw ducks playing in a small pond. When the man started walking towards the pond, his foot suddenly slipped and fell into the pond. When he managed to come outside the pond, he found a big duck sitting on his head.

He tried everything, but the duck did not move from his head. So then he went to a doctor and asked for help before he could say anything to the doctor.

The duck said- “Get this guy off my butt!”

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