Daily Joke: Two Best friends Try to Rob a Millionaire’s House

Two Best friends Try to Rob a Millionaire’s House.

Kelvin and Jake were two childhood friends who have had very high ambitions. They lived in the same neighborhood. Both of them always dreamt of a wealthy lifestyle and discussed how to achieve their goals. They both supported and encouraged each other to become successful. The duo had tried several plans for being successful and worked hard to become rich. Jake and kelvin also started a company, sadly did not get a good outcome.


No matter what they did, all their plans and ideas failed. Then one day, after another failed project, kelvin and Jake were sitting on their balcony. Jake and Kelvin noticed their rich neighbors and decided that they will rob their millionaire neighbor. They made a proper plan and discussed everything not to make any mistakes.

One night, both of them broke into the house. Jake and kelvin successfully managed to get inside the house. Then, Jake and Kelvin started stealing the expensive things and money from the house. As they were robbing the place, Jake accidentally dropped a glass. The noise woke a person up, the person asked who is there, and Jake quickly said “meow’’. So, the person went back to sleep.

After collecting enough expensive items, Jake asked kelvin to leave the house. But Kelvin got greedy and told kelvin to leave, and he will come very soon. So Jake left, and Kelvin looked for other valuable items. As it was dark, while roaming around, Kelvin bumped into a chair and made some noise. The same person woke up again and asked who is causing the noise?

And Kelvin replied- “This is another cat”


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