DanceBody founder says woman are crying at in-person classes

DanceBody founder Katia Pryce — who we’re told has trained with Madonna, Molly Sims and Kate Hudson — says clients are crying as they make their way back into the studio. 

Pryce, who was leading a class at Topping Rose House in East Hampton with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit star Kate Bock, tells us, “Mental health is huge as we’ve all gone through this [pandemic]… I will tell you, my clients literally cry the first time they come back to class because it’s so cathartic after being alone and sequestered for so long.”

“Coming into a class feels totally different for mental health,” she added. “It’s community. Moving in a group, there is nothing like it. There is a different energy. Of course you can get your workout at home, you can burn the same amount of calories, but you push yourself harder in a class, you challenge yourself differently in a class. It’s semi competitive, but also communal at the same time so I do feel like there is a different mind set and stepping up makes you work differently.”

For those who may be intimidated and feel out of shape after so long, she says,  “They are not alone,” and reminds people everyone has been going through a tough time.

“Everyone starts somewhere,” Pryce says of her popular workout. “Even the girls in the front row killing it had to work their way back once the pandemic had kind of lifted.”

She also added, “Community at the end of the day saves us. Isolation is just a killer.” 

The studio offers classes in NYC, the Hamptons, Miami and Los Angeles.

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