Dannielle Merrifield Spends Time With The Other Men In Her Life

Dannielle Merrifield has had a busy few months. First, she gave herself an epic makeover. Then, she followed it up with a big move. Now, she is spending some much-needed quality time with some very important men in her life. It looks like the Seeking Sister Wife star is truly living her best life.

Dannielle Merrifield’s Road To Happiness

Credit: Dannielle Merrifield Instagram

Viewers watched Dannielle struggle a lot during Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife. She appeared alongside her husband of over a decade, Garrick. Together, the two were pursuing plural marriage. It was something she was not necessarily comfortable with. However, he felt a calling from God a handful of years ago so he approached her with the idea. Together, they prayed on it.

Eventually, they met Roberta from Brazil on a polygamist dating site. Two days after meeting her in person, Garrick proposed. The only way to get her to America was for Garrick and Dannielle to get divorced and Garrick to marry Bert. Fans watched as the couple dissolved their marriage. They also watched in disgust as Garrick fawned all over Bert while Dannielle continued to feel inadequate and jealous.

He became one of the most hated men on the show. Fans disdain increased when he and Bert decided to forego their Mexican wedding and fast track to babymaking. The couple chose to do this without consulting Dannielle. In the end, the show had no tell-all so it was a cliffhanger. Dannielle was speculated to have left Garrick. She had a glow up and seemed to have come into herself. Now, she is living her happiest life with not one but two important men.


The Merrifield Men

Two very important men on the show were Dannielle and Garrick’s sons, Geremiah and Solomon. They met Bert on the first family trip to Mexico. That was also the first time Garrick and Dannielle met their future sister wife in person. Luckily, they adapted to the family’s new way of life very quickly. In the last two episodes of the season, the boys accompanied their parents back to Mexico for the babymaking trip.

Dannielle Merrifield Credit: Dannielle Merrifield Instagram
Credit: Dannielle Merrifield Instagram

Geremiah and Solomon both had so much fun with Roberta and have been shining lights through everything going on. Dannielle is constantly posting pics of the three being active together. Yesterday, Dannielle shared an adventure she and Geremiah went on. It was a big moment as he is on the verge of turning thirteen in two months. She shared an update on how big he has gotten like the proud mama she is.

Seeking Sister Wife Dannielle Merrifield

As he approaches his teenage years, her eldest is taller than her and wears a size 12 shoe! The two went shopping and dined at a steakhouse. Her followers could not believe how big he was and shared in her sentimental mood. “There’s nothing like a mother & son date!!!!,” one commented. Another could not believe he was already almost thirteen. They grow up so fast.

It’s great to see Dannielle’s bond with her boys! Maybe fans will see more of it if Seeking Sister Wife returns for another season.


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