Dater savaged for Hinge profile claiming they ‘make any girl mine now’

Online dating can be difficult, but some people really don’t make it any easier and one such person has been ripped to shreds on social media for their pretty confident Hinge profile which is putting others off the app entirely.

As a reply to one of the prompt questions on the unknown dater’s profile, they had claimed they were hilarious, but it seems people are now laughing at them, not with them.

They wrote: “I’m a regular at making a girl laugh uncontrollably. I’ll make her laugh so hard that she snorts like a lil piggy.

“Oink oink girl, you mine now.”


Not everyone wanted to laugh like a pig so, reacting to it, after someone shared a screenshot of the profile’s answer on Twitter, people cringed.

Thankfully for people who might be considering dating the hopeful hinger, they may just be referencing a viral tweet from 2018 in which another man originally made these claims. Whether they were inspired by the original tweet, or are mocking the man is unclear but making a niche joke is definitely not always the best idea if you are looking to find love.

Hinge’s strapline is “designed to be deleted”. But not like this, bestie!

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