Daughter buys mum designer shoes for birthday – but gets brutally honest response

Buying a special gift for your mum for her birthday can seem like an impossible task.

So when it was her parent’s 50th birthday, TikTok user @cairoaibangbee decided to splash the cash.

The viral clip starts with the mum sitting around the table finishing off breakfast with her children.

She is then handed over one last present, which prompted her to say: “You got so much for me girls, I feel so blessed.”

As the mum starts to open her pricey present, she jokes: “For god’s sake how many boxes.”

Then she finally gets to the last box to reveal that her children have bought her some designer Christian Louboutin heels from Net-a-Porter.

A daughter surprised her mum with Louboutins for her birthday

As soon as the mum sees the designer branded box she screams out in excitement.

Gobsmacked at that extravagant gift, the mum repeats the words “oh my god” just before the last unboxing.

One of the Mums’ children comments: “Let’s see if you like them first”.

However, the mood quickly changes when the box lid comes open to reveal what is inside.

The mum reaches into the box to pull out one of the designer branded shoes and bluntly says “No.”

mum gift
The reaction turned from excitement to disappointment, leaving viewers in stitches

Again, one of her daughters asks if she likes them.

And the mum repeats her brutally honest answer… “No”.

After the initial excitement of the unboxing, the mum takes another stare at the red bottomed heel shoe and says that they are “awful”.

The hilarious clip, which has been viewed more than 3.3 million times, ends with the mum saying: “They’re okay but they are not me, I am so sorry”.

TikTok users took the comments to praise their mum for her very upfront approach.

One user said: “Legit, your mum is my spirit animal! Love her honesty”

Another user added: “I would have lied but I respect her honesty”

Even pop star Anne-Marie commented: “ I want to be part of your family”

As the saying goes, honesty is the best policy but thank goodness they kept the gift receipt.

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