Daughters gift mum Louboutins for her 50th birthday… and she goes viral for her VERY honest reaction

WHETHER it’s a jumper from your gran that isn’t quite your taste or a book you’ve already read, we all know what it’s like to receive a disappointing present.

But while most of us plaster on a smile and thank them anyway, one mum is being praised online for her brutally honest reaction to some Louboutins her daughters bought her.


Cairo’s video has racked up over a MILLION ‘likes’
The mum ecstatic when she saw the Louboutin box


The mum ecstatic when she saw the Louboutin box

Earlier this month, TikTok user Cairo posted a video of her mum’s surprise 50th birthday party.

The clip – which has racked up over one MILLION “likes” – opens with the mum walking into her living room which has been covered in balloons.

After tucking into a “magnificent” and “beautiful” birthday brunch, Cairo and her sister got ready to give their mum her final surprise – a pair of Christian Louboutin heels.

Filming her reaction, the girls hand over the delivery box – and when she sees it’s from Net-a-Porter, the mum squeals that she made her feel “so special”.

After uncovering the designer branding, their mother can’t help but shout: “Oh my god, Louboutins!”

But once she actually lays eyes on the designer heels – which can cost upwards of £495 – the mum isn’t so excited.

As Cairo’s sister says “let’s see if you like them first”, the mum holds them, takes one look and says a firm “no”.

Luckily, the daughters thought to get a gift receipt – meaning she can easily switch them for a style she prefers.

When quizzed by her family about why she doesn’t like them, the mum added: “They’re okay but they’re not me.”

After looking at her shoe collection for inspiration, the daughters opted for a black suede slip-on mule with a croc-effect heel.

And although she admitted her partner would “love them”, the mum simply described them as “awful”.

However, the girls appreciated their mum’s honesty and didn’t take offence.

She branded the shoes 'awful'


She branded the shoes ‘awful’

Cairo captioned the clip: “Normalise being honest with your gift givers!”

Needless to say, the hundreds of thousands of people who have watched the clip were big fans of the mum’s response.

“I love this,” one replied. “You can tell how much love and respect there is between this family.”

Another added: “I actually love that she was totally honest with you.

“She was so sweet about the whole experience.”

A third joked: “I’m dying, this was such a rollercoaster of emotions.”

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