‘Deadliest Catch’ Exclusive: Freddy Maugatai Jumps In Bering Sea To Check Out UFO

Time Bandit deckhand Freddy Maugatai is seemingly fearless when it comes to the elements. On Deadliest Catch, 27 days into the fall season, the Time Bandit runs into an unidentified floating object, aka a UFO, out in the Bering Sea.

TV Shows Ace has the exclusive preview clip below where Captain Johnathan Hillstrand is shown checking out the large mass spotted out in the water, and the bets are off on what it can be.

Until Freddy dives in the water to loop some rope around it, you won’t believe what is floating out there in the open water.

And by the way, the water is so cold that if Freddy had stayed out there with no wetsuit much longer, he was likely to succumb to hypothermia.

Time Bandit’s Freddy Maugatai and the Unidentified Floater

This week on Deadliest Catch, we have the Time Bandit, helmed by Johnathan Hillstrand, and the Cornelia Marie lead by Casey McManus in a race to the Peter Pan cannery.

The race really is on as the quotas need to be met as Captain Sig Hansen notes that “we could lose everything” if the crab totals fall short.

But in the meantime, the Time Bandit spots a large dark mass floating the waves. At first, a dead whale is suspected.

As Johnathan gets closer, his crew tells him it is a tree. Then, they joke that the Russians sent it.

Laughing at this point, Johnathan says: “Whoa, what is that? Does somebody want to tell me what the bleep is this coming up?  A whale, maybe? Something big out there, it’s like a dead killer [whale]. Well, it wants to be a dead Nessie.”

Then the Russian theory emerges

Continuing the fun, Hillstrand says: “The Russians sent it over as a spy don’t worry about me. ‘I’m just a tree
floating here with surveillance on it!”

The crew gets ready to fish it out of the water as the 3000-pound tree can seriously damage any vessel.

Then out of nowhere, Freddy Maugatai strips down to his trunks and jumps in the Bering sea. Mind you, it is snowing, and the water is just a notch above freezing.

Freddy has a long Deadliest Catch history

Freddy has served as a deckhand on several boats. Over time, he and Monte Colburn have had a fractious relationship, but the crab dancing veteran always remembers his roots.

He recently posted an older photo from the Cornelia Marie tagging, Josh Harris, as he remembered Josh’s dad, the larger-than-life Captain Phil Harris:

Tune in Tuesday to see how the Time Bandit crew manage the giant tree trunk:


Deadliest Catch airs Tuesday at 8 PM or stream it now on discovery+

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