Debbie Gibson Opens Up About Living With Lyme Disease
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Debbie Gibson Opens Up About Living With Lyme Disease

Debbie Gibson’s openness surrounding her struggle with Lyme disease is inspiring, and it’s a voice that needs to be heard. In an interview with People, she further discussed the disease and its effects on her life. Still, her head is held high. “When you’ve lived enough life, you start to move through things with more ease,” the singer told People.

In fact, Gibson refuses to use the word “battle” when discussing her diagnosis. “For me, it’s about being zen and open, listening for answers and yes, being a warrior, but a peaceful warrior and moving through things,” she explained. This also makes sense considering that she told The New York Times that her favorite exercises are flowy ones like yoga that also move you forward in a way.

She wasn’t always this peaceful about it, though. “When I was in the throes of Lyme and didn’t really know it, I’d take a Xanax to help me sleep,” she explained. “It started wigging my body out and was triggering something to do with the Lyme, and my body couldn’t handle it.” She went on to explain to People that she has ups and downs with the disease. Sometimes her body struggles, but she now tries to find a peace of mind knowing that she’ll get through it.

This is because the disease had gotten into her neurological system, where it was getting worse. Still, Gibson is positive. “I am the girl who is relentless in looking for answers and the least invasive, most effective forms of treatment,” she explained.

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