Did Amy Roloff’s Ailing Father Attend Her Wedding?

Amy Roloff’s long-awaited wedding to Chris Marek is the talk of TLC fans. As more details of the wedding come out, viewers are wondering if Amy’s elderly father was well enough to make the journey from Michigan to Oregon. Plus, will the nuptials air on television? Keep reading for all the latest news about Amy’s weekend wedding.

Gordon Knight’s Recent Health Woes

Amy Roloff’s father turns 93 in just a few short months. She spent some time in Michigan visiting her dad earlier this summer. In June, she took to Instagram to share the heartfelt hope of seeing him again soon.


Amy Roloff and her father via Instagram

Just two weeks before her wedding, Amy revealed that her dad just got out of the hospital. She didn’t reveal what ailed him, but noted he was hospitalized for two weeks. The news had fans asking if Gordon Knight would be able to attend his daughter’s wedding.

Did Amy Roloff’s Ailing Father Attend Her Wedding?

Amy Roloff is officially married to Chris Marek. The two tied the knot on Saturday, August 28. The intimate ceremony was held at Roloff Farms in Oregon. Matt Roloff skipped his ex-wife’s wedding, but did her dad attend?

The Sun obtained candid photos from Amy Roloff’s wedding. We’re happy to reveal that Amy’s father was well enough to attend the wedding. Furthermore, he even walked his daughter down the aisle! Having her dad there likely made the day that much sweeter for Amy.

All of her grandchildren, including the two coming this year, were all in attendance. What about Amy and Matt’s four children? Did they show up to support their mom’s new marriage?

TLC Cameras Spotted Filming Wedding

The biggest question coming from LPBW viewers is will Amy Roloff’s wedding air on TLC and when. The network has yet to confirm, but wedding photos in The Sun shows camera crews set up to film the wedding.

The outlet also shared the news that Amy wrote her own vows for her wedding to Chris. Of course, viewers will have to wait until the special episode to see what she had to say.

In fact, Amy even confirmed the news herself. Viewers WILL get front-row seats to Chris and Amy’s wedding, but when? Some fans speculate that the wedding special will air in September. However, Amy hinted on an Instagram Live video that it will be six months before the wedding episode premieres.

As of now, TLC has yet to reveal when exactly Chris and Amy’s wedding special will air on television.

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