Discussing Sopranos 507, The One With Tim Daly, On Pod Yourself 507

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What Could You Possibly Pod To Me That I Haven’t Already Gun Through?

Shereen Younes from the Ethnically Ambiguous podcast returns to the only Sopranos podcast to palaver with Matt and Vince about season five episode seven, “Camelot.”

During their stimulating conversation, we learn that Shereen, unlike Valentina, is not a fan of all pranks. She’s generally pro-Bad Trip pranks, and generally anti-Borat pranks.

More importantly, this episode of The Sopranos introduces us to one of the show’s best ancillary characters, JT Dolan, the television writer Chris meets at an AA meeting. The Sopranos writer’s room clearly loved using Tim Daly’s character to absolutely dunk on the very idea of writing for television. Maybe if he were a screenwriter, with an Oscar, they would have some respect for him.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg.

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