DIY fanatic shares easy way to stop paint rollers shedding fluff on walls and it only takes seconds

A WOMAN has revealed a brilliant hack to make painting your walls with a roller just that much easier.

If you have ever tried to use a paint roller, then you will now how frustrating it is when you are painting the wall and bits of the fluff come off.


Tanya said she learned the hack recently and had to share itCredit: Instagram / tanyahomeinspo

It is often the little details that can make a room go from drab to fab and seeing raised bumps of fluff on your wall after spending hours painting it can be really annoying.

Luckily, Tanya, who regularly shares home and cleaning hacks on her Instagram account, tanyahomeinspo, has the perfect hack to stop it happening all together.

In the caption, Tanya writes: “Painting tip you wish you’d known.

“So I wanted to share a tip I learnt recently from anyone who’s wanting to paint and decorate their space.”

In the video, Tanya wrapped the unused roller in masking tape, she completely covers the roller with the sticky side facing inside the roller.

She then rolls the paint roller on the wall and removes the masking tape.

When she removes the tape from the roller all the pieces of fluff are stuck on there, meaning it will not transfer onto your walls when you start painting.

Tanya writes: “-Roll masking tape around your mohair roller then roll it on the roll.

“This will get out all the loose hairs and fluff and make for a better paint application.”

Tanya also has videos on how to keep your walls looking fresh and clean, and the handy hack also uses a paint roller to complete it.

Tanya simply adds disinfectant and Baking Soda to a large bowl and adds warm water.

She then submerges the paint roller and uses it to clean her walls.

People loved her tip for removing the fluff from rollers before painting.

One user wrote: “Another great tip. Thank you!”

Another person responded: “good idea.”

“This is genius.” A third user added: “Another amazing hack!”

Tanya uses masking tape to wrap the roller in


Tanya uses masking tape to wrap the roller inCredit: Instagram / tanyahomeinspo
You can see all of the fluff that would have been stuck to your walls instead stuck to the tape


You can see all of the fluff that would have been stuck to your walls instead stuck to the tapeCredit: Instagram / tanyahomeinspo

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