DIY-mad couple build their own tiny house for just £30,000 – with only two rooms

The owners say the miniature property has everything they could possibly need and has given them financial freedom as they no longer have to pay rent or a mortgage

The house – Tiny Blue – was is owned by (L-R) Craig Jukes and Grace Stringer

A young couple have shown it’s possible to build a house for just £30,000 – provided you don’t need too much privacy.

The house, named Tiny Blue, has just two rooms and was built by gin distillery manager Grace Stringer, 26, and her partner Craig Jukes, 32, a part-time gin distiller and DJ.

The couple built the house during lockdown on the Worcestershire farm owned by Stringer’s parents.

They pre-ordered the wooden frame of the house – which is actually a mobile home mounted on a trailer – from a company called Tiny Eco Homes last year.

The pair then set about completing it and kitting out the interior.

The house might be small, but it makes impressive use of space.

Craig Jukes and Grace Stringer inside the lounge area of Tiny Blue


John Lawrence / CATERS NEWS)

The front door opens onto the lounge area, which has a sofa, coffee table and bookshelf.

Next to it is a kitchenette, with stairs leading up to a mezzanine floor with a double bed.

Every square inch under the stairs is used for storage – a must for such a small home.

At the back of the property is a separate bathroom, containing a toilet, shower and sink.

The house is immaculately and stylishly finished, but the most impressive thing is how little it cost to build and finish – just £30,000.

The rear of the building, showing the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom areas


@samkellyphoto / CATERS NEWS)

The bathroom of the miniature home


@samkellyphoto / CATERS NEWS)

The average UK house deposit is almost twice that amount – £57,278, according to figures from mortgage lender Halifax.

The couple spent weekends during lockdown working on their new home, helped out by their family and a carpenter.

They now live in the miniature home with their puppy, Nellie.

Stringer said: “As a child, I loved my Wendy house. As soon as I came across tiny houses, I knew it was a project I wanted to undertake.

“Overall, Tiny Blue was a project from the depths of my stubborn attitude, I had a lot of people trying to talk me out of it.

“However, I was determined to prove people wrong and show tiny living is more than possible.”

Craig Jukes and Grace Stringer outside Tiny Blue


John Lawrence / CATERS NEWS)

She says owning the tiny property has given her financial freedom, as she owns her own house outright and now doesn’t pay rent or a mortgage.

She added: “It took six months to do the actual build and the total amounted to £30,000. A lot of the cost was because wood and anything DIY related was like gold dust during the pandemic. It also reflected the cost of shipping and postage, because we couldn’t go into shops.”

The big question for many readers will be: what is it like living in a home so small?

But Stringer said the space is perfect and has everything she needs.

“I spend more time with the doors open, in the fresh air – I have only essentials around and I don’t have unwanted or unneeded clutter,” she added. “I love the simplicity of life and I enjoy the small things so much more.”

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