Doctor says women’s farts smell worse than men’s – and vegetarians let rip most

An NHS doctor has shared some “mind-blowing” facts about farts including why women’s farts smell worse than men’s – and it has to do with what they eat.

Dr Karan Rajan, who is famed for his educational TikTok videos, previously explained the disgusting reason why you should never hold up farts for too long

In a follow-up video, he introduced other ways our body could pass wind, even through our genital areas.

He says: “The average speed of a fart leaving your anus and entering the world is seven miles per hour.

“Women farts are worse than men’s, it’s true because on average they contain higher concentrations of hydrogen sulphide.

Dr Karan said women have higher concentration of hydrogen sulphide, which could change the smell when the wind passed through the body

“If you’re a vegetarian, you fart more than a non-vegetarian because of a higher dietary intake of fibre.

“So if you’re a female vegetarian, you run this show.”

The surgeon also said we can never hold a fart because the gas will escape somehow and sometimes it can cause “collateral damage” to the body.

Dr Rajan explains: “In a woman that fart can move past the genital area causing the labia to move, this is known as a vart.

“This is different to a queef, which is the sound air makes when it displaced or forced out of the vagina.”

A vegetarian diet also contributed to the smell of a fart
A vegetarian diet also contributed to the smell of a fart

He also says our body, particularly our butt, can tell the difference between a fart and a poop because the tactile nerve endings in the rectal area can “distinguish solid and gas”.

“The only exception is when you have diarrhoea that confuses your nerve endings and we probably should say never trust a ‘shart’,” Dr Rajan adds.

One woman commented on his clip and said she is never prouder than to be a female vegetarian.

Another wrote: “Never trust a shart? As soon as it’s a shart, it’s already too late.”

“Seven miles? More like 500mph in class,” a third added.

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