Dodgers’ Trea Turner Pulls off the Coolest, Most Gravity-Defying Slide Ever and Fans Are in Awe

Trea Turner may have just pulled off the coolest play in Major League Baseball this season. On Tuesday, the 28-year old Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop flew around third base and scored on a Will Smith single against the Philadelphia Phillies en route to a 5-0 win. But how Turner scored got everyone buzzing as he reached out and touched home plate with his left hand as he slid through and then used his bottom leg to move into a standing position with ease, as mentioned by

“I’ve been doing that a long time,” Turner said after the game. “That’s just how I slide, I guess. I try not to hit the ground very hard because it usually doesn’t feel great, so I try to be as soft as I can and slide, whether head-first or feet-first. I try to avoid tags, but that’s just how I’ve slid basically my whole life.”

Turner joined the Dodgers in July after spending his first six and half seasons with the Washington Nationals. He’s one of the fastest players in the league, leading the National League in stolen bases in 2018. This year, he was named to the All-Star Team as he’s currently batting .322 with 18 home runs and 49 RBIs. Here’s a look at fans reacting to the very cool slide.

Turner has a lot of talent. One fan said: “I knew Treasures Turner could steal bases, but I had no idea he was this fast. He might be the fastest guy ever in baseball.”

The San Francisco Giants have something to say about the slide. One fan responded: “Just sad comparing to dodgers always I get it ya wanna have the success like us. BTW none of your donation titles count!!”

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