Dog Mom! Isabel Roloff Shares Insight On Her Dogs’ Unique Personalities

Isabel Roloff is just a few months away from welcoming her first child with her husband, Jacob. However, the two also have two ‘fur children,’ dogs Luna and Moose. Isabel often gets questions from her followers about her pregnancy, but one fan wanted to know all about the two dogs. Isabel Roloff shared details about their unique personalities. Keep reading to get to know Moose and Luna!

Isabel Roloff Shuts Down Fears She’ll Forget About Dogs After the Baby Arrives

When Isabel Roloff announced her pregnancy, some of her Instagram followers had one concern. As with some new parents, they were worried the dogs in the family would get ignored.

But rest assured – the dogs will always be well-loved. Isabel took to her Instagram Stories to reassure her followers that she has no intention of neglecting her beloved pets. Click here to see Moose cuddling with Isabel’s growing baby bump.

Baby Boy Roloff is due in December. Isabel is keeping the baby’s name to herself for now, though she’s had it in mind for years.


Isabel and Jacob Roloff with their two dogs via Instagram

‘Perma Puppy’ Luna Offers Jacob Comfort

The LPBW alum occasionally holds question and answer sessions on her Instagram Stories. The questions from her followers are mostly about her pregnancy and plans for the baby. However, in a recent session, one follower asked Isabel to describe the dogs’ personalities.

According to Isabel, Luna is an “angel.” The pup “loves to give love and lots of kisses.” Additionally, Luna’s cute, and she knows it. Isabel notes that Luna is a ‘perma pup” who uses her cuteness to get her way.

Any dog of Isabel and Jacob Roloff must be as adventurous as they are. While Isabel describes Luna as a “couch potato” at heart, she’s always up for adventure.

Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram

Earlier this year, Jacob Roloff came under fire for calling Luna his “service animal.” However, he only meant that the pup offers him comfort. Luna definitely doesn’t like to be alone, as she caused some issues with barking when Jacob was gone for work.

As much as Luna loves Isabel and Jacob, her heart lies with another. Isabel revealed that Luna loves Moose “with all her heart.” What did Isabel reveal about Moose?

Moose is Isabel Roloff’s First Baby

If Luna is the “angel” of the family, Moose is the “crazy” one! At seven-years-old, Isabel writes that Moose is like the “energizer bunny.” She also pays tribute to his “loyalty,” noting that the dog goes anywhere she goes.

Even though he can be “insane,” Isabel also describes Moose as “the most special guy.”

Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram

Moose and Luna are clearly loved by Isabel and Jacob. Drop a comment below describing your dog’s personality.

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