Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Shares New Video of Beth Chapman

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s daughter just shared an emotional video of her late step-mother, Beth Chapman, to celebrate her own daughter’s birthday.

Duane Chapman’s daughter, Baby Lyssa, took to Instagram to celebrate the 12th birthday of her daughter — Mady Galanti — and it included a video from inside the hospital just minutes after she was born. In the emotional clip, Beth is filming the first moment of mother and baby — and reminds Lyssa she will love this video someday.

Well, she was right — and Lyssa decided to share it with the world on Mady’s birthday.

Happy To Have This Video!


“You were right again (Beth Chapman) I am so happy to have this video, especially to hear your voice. Happy Birthday (Mady) you are loved and celebrated all over the 🌎,” she captioned the video.

As you know, Beth Chapman passed away after a long battle with throat cancer. Although the family has had a few bitter moments, Lyssa and other family members were by Beth’s side after she was rushed to a Hawaii hospital in the final days.

As always, fans of the family flooded Lyssa’s Instagram account to wish Mady a Happy Birthday and comment on the video of Beth’s voice. “Awwwww I miss Beth. Happy Birthday to your daughter,” one person wrote. Another added, “It is good to hear her voice. I miss her and didn’t even know her. 🙏🏼.”

It’s Good To Hear Your Voice!

Dog The Bounty Hunter's Daughter Shares Emotional Video Of Beth Chapman

“Ma really knew what she was talking about ALL THE TIME. She is shaking her head up in the sky going YUP! that’s right 😂,” a fan reminded.

The heartwarming video comes on the heels of Lyssa celebrating her own birthday back in June, where Duane was one of many to wish her a happy bday! “HAPPY Birthday, Baby Lyssa. Love you!” the reality star wrote. Lyssa’s eldest daughter — Abbie — also wrong a sweet note for her mom, saying, “Happy Birthday to my absolutely amazing mama! I love you to the moon and back, and I am so happy to have grown up with you!”

Last year, Lyssa paid tribute to her youngest daughter by posting another birthing video. To mark the occasion, she shared pictures of Mady smiling outside of a restaurant and then again as a teenager at the same seat at a table inside. In February, Lyssa also celebrated Dog’s birthday, sharing a picture of the two at one of his speaking engagements. “Happy Birthday to you DAD !!! You’re the best Dad and Grandpa to me and the girls. We love you and we are so lucky to have you. I’ll always listen to your stories with wide eyes and a big smile. It’s been a rough two years and I’m so glad you found happiness again. I love you Dad. -Love your FAVORITE child,” she wrote. 

In the end, it is super emotional to hear Beth’s voice in the video, she was loved by all!

Happy Birthday, Mady!

See The Video!

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