Don Cheadle Set The Record Straight On That Awkward Kevin Hart Moment

Don Cheadle’s still not entirely clear on why he was nominated for an Emmy for his very brief appearance in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but he’s here to set the record straight on that awkward-as-heck Kevin Hart exchange that left people wondering whether it was real. The incident in question took place on Hart’s new Peacock show full of celeb interviews and wine, and things appeared to veer towards the rails when Hart exclaimed, “Damn!” in response to Cheadle casually mentioning that he’s 53 years old.

This led to Cheadle appearing to dress down Hart and show him no mercy, all while Hart backpeddled and insisted that the “damn!” came from “a place of love.” Cheadle held firm, and although he kept a straight face, the entire exchange was funny as well as uncomfortable. Well, Cheadle has let everyone know that there are truly no hard feelings here. In response to a tweet about what he was thinking during the awkward exchange, Cheadle used the tears-of-joy emoji and declared, “i think this is my favorite interview ever. ‘damn!’” He also stated that he and Hart “need to do a movie together asap!”

Cheadle subsequently tweeted, “EVERYBODY, please watch the entire episode.” Then he added, “[O]n top of understanding that this is just how we play it’s a really good one, i think. the first question he asks me is, ‘drugs; do you do them?’ in the parking lot i said he looked like a black-o-lantern in that suit. it’s just us.”

Hey, he’s good, and that should be no real surprise, since Cheadle’s an Oscar winner and has an assortment of other acting awards and nominations under his belt. So, maybe that Emmy nod for a few minutes of Disney+ screentime as James Rhodey/War Machine isn’t too far off base after all. Much respect.

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