Donald Trump Has Harsh Words For George W. Bush Regarding Afghanistan

The Trump administration’s collective effort to distance themselves from events unfolding in Afghanistan didn’t sit too well the Twitterverse, and many took to social media to give the former president and vice president a piece of their mind. “That’s an interesting take I hadn’t heard before. What about the 4 years before Biden took office?,” said one person on Pence’s Wall Street Journal op-ed. Another pointed out that, “… if U.S. troops had left sooner, the Taliban would have taken over the country sooner. What’s going on with those though processes?” 

A third remarked that, “The hot air and steam amalgam issued by Republicans this week produces enough wattage to propel the United States’ energy requirements for the next 6 months.” A fourth incredulous Twitter user posted, “Wait. Full stop. Who showed ‘weakness’ by releasing Taliban terrorists from Guantanamo Bay? Who showed ‘weakness’ by releasing 5,000 Taliban fighters? Who showed ‘weakness’ by negotiating a surrender agreement with the Taliban? The Taliban were taking over regardless!”

As for Donald Trump’s thoughts on George W. Bush and his initial decision to send troops to Afghanistan, the 45th president couldn’t have been more clear with his verbiage. 

“I know the Bush family will not be happy but I believe it was the worst decision in the history of our country when we decided to go into the Middle East,” he said (via Independent). 

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