Dr Disrespect breaks his stream setup in rage with violence, speed & momentum

Athletic superstar DrDisrespect showed off his strength on stream by slamming his desk during a game of Warzone with TimTheTatman and ZLaner. What he didn’t expect, is to break his own equipment. 

Now that TimTheTatman is on YouTube, Dr Disrespect has been playing a bit more Warzone with his old friend. However, during an early September stream with Tim and ZLaner, he wasn’t having such a great time.

The self-proclaimed “most ruthless and athletic competitor in video game history” has shown his athleticism and strength on and offline with videos showing off his skills on Fortnite as well as his 37 inch vertical leap.

YouTube: Dr Disrespect

The Doc has a rabid fanbase.

Dr Disrespect pulls an xQc slam

While playing Warzone with TimTheTatman and ZLaner on stream, the Two-Time unfortunately was sent to the Gulag to fight for his right to respawn back into the game.

After he lost his battle, Dr Disrespect fell victim to his own brute strength when he smacked his desk in rage. Immediately after, he realized the mistake he made as his setup fell apart.

Having smacked the desk hard enough, the stream could no longer hear the leader of the Champions Club rage at his gulag loss as he managed to break his microphone.

Shortly after breaking his mic, you can hear Tim and ZLaner in the background laughing at their respective chats. “Doc slammed his desk and broke his mic,” they read aloud.

Unfortunately for Dr Disrespect, his microphone wasn’t the only thing affected by his smack. Looking at the background of the video you can see the panels of his green screen separate, breaking apart the streamer’s iconic green screen set up.

Going back to check out the stream, we can see the Doc ended up getting his microphone working again. You can check out the clip at 2:30 here.

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