Dr Pimple Popper gushes over squirty cyst she says is ‘like a rose’ when it bursts

Dr Pimple Popper seemed very excited about a cyst she compared to a “rose” in a TikTok she shared with her fans.

In the clip, posted on her @drpimplepopper account on Wednesday (September 8) she shows a huge bump in a patient’s armpit.

The area has been shaved and numbed with local anesthetic and the medic, real name Sandra Lee MD, gets to work.

First, she makes a sharp incision into the lump, and then she squeezes out a steady torrent of what looks like grey pus.

Next, she grabs her tweezers and rummages around inside the cyst for its sack which she then grabs and pulls out through the incision, turning it inside-out.

The medic showed a swollen bump brimming with pus

Dr Lee then cuts off the sack with her scissors and neatly stitches up the wound so you can barely see anything was there.

“Cyst like a rose,” she joked in the caption, in reference to the weird shape the solid pus made as it flowed out of the hole.

The video has since been watched more than 235,000 times and received hundreds of “likes” and comments.

Dr Pimple Popper thought it was 'like a rose'
Dr Pimple Popper thought it was ‘like a rose’

One impressed fan told her: “Not a drop of blood, great work.”

“Torture watching this I wanna pop it myself haha,” joked another so-called “popaholic”.

Someone else said they found pimple-popping videos so relaxing they watched them to help with sleep, and another reckoned the cyst was more like a head of “cauliflower” than a rose.

This comes after Dr Pimple Popper had a rather messy session when she was sprayed with pus when a “banana pudding” spot fought back.

Unfortunately, the dermatologist revealed she wasn’t wearing any face protection at the time which left viewers concerned she was hit in the face with the gunk.

in another recent clip, the medic squeezed out a blackhead so huge she joked it was like a “pothole”.

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