Dua Lipa & Elton John Gush Over Their Time Working Together

If you haven’t heard, Dua Lipa and Elton John released a song together and the music video just came out this Friday, called “Cold Heart.” It may just be the cross-over we never knew we needed. Let’s amend that a little bit. It’s not necessarily a “new” song. It’s actually a mix of Elton John’s classics, “Kiss the Bride,” “Rocketman,” “Where’s the Shoorah?” and “Sacrifice”. That being said, the track does future a whole new ring to it. The video, though, is a bit on the cringy side, to be honest. A quick disclaimer here, Elton John actually has another song titled Cold Heart, this is a new one!   

Spoiler On The Music Video   


Giving out spoilers is probably not something most people are going to appreciate. However, in this case, going into the video with no context can be a risky business. The opening scene has you looking at animated versions of Elton John and Dua Lipa. Reminiscent of a Gorillaz video of the 2000s. Those animated videos were popular back in those days. 

From there, though, it quickly turns into an even odder version of what looks like characters from the movie cats. The cats in the movie look way better than these ones! It’s a full experience, to say the least. 

Dua Lipa Expressed Her Admiration For Sir Elton    

Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid party at the Nice Guy restaurant with friends

The awkward video can almost take you out of the grove to let you realize the song is amazing! Back to the protagonists of the story, though. Dua Lipa put out a press release to accompany the release of the video. In it, she gushed about her time working with the 74-year-old Elton! 

“Elton is such an inspirational artist and also has the naughtiest sense of humour – a perfect combination. It has been an absolute honor and privilege to collaborate on this track with him,” 

Elton John Makes The Gushing Reciprocal 

Elton John gets a Barbie doll

Sir Elton also took the time to talk about his experience working with Dua Lipa on this project. 

On Lipa he mentioned, 

“She’s given me so much energy. She’s a truly wonderful artist, and person, absolutely bursting with creativity and ideas,” 

While also mentioning that he cherished the time off the road because of the pandemic. That was what allowed him to put in the work for this collaboration. Speaking about him getting back on the road, when exactly are we going to get to see that?   

Elton John Keeps Busy 

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Elton John is essentially in the middle of his farewell tour. From the looks of things, though, at 74 he’s still more than capable of sitting down in the studio and producing hits. When he talks about not being on the road, he’s referencing 2020, not 2021! Rocket man is getting back on stage and taking his show to Scandinavian countries Norway and Sweden in September and October. The farewell tour is set to hit the United States in January 2022. Of course, all of this is essentially up in the air with the delta variant!   


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