Duggar Cousin Amy King Celebrates BIG Day With Husband Dillon

It’s a big day for Duggar cousin Amy King and her husband Dillon. Amy shared all about the special moment on social media, making sure fans knew what was going on. So, what are Amy and Dillon celebrating?

The pair is celebrating an important milestone in their relationship, and Amy posted a new video to document all of the ups and downs they’ve experienced together. It features pictures from their wedding day as well as some recent moments and everything in between. Since the couple got married six years ago, they have welcomed one son, Daxton, to the world. He’s almost two years old.

Amy created a TikTok video and shared it on Instagram as well. In the caption of her Instagram post, Amy writes:

“6 years of love, hard work, communication, late nights watching our fav shows, 3 businesses, a home renovation , traveling , Sema builds, Marriage Bootcamp, and now Parenthood! We have been so busy! You have been spinning me in circles since day one!! And now a new 3130 location! And more business opportunities!”

She continues gushing over her husband, adding, “Life with you is anything but boring!! Cannot wait to build a home with you, and continue chasing our dreams! I’m convinced there is nothing we cannot accomplish together. I choose you every single day Dillon King!”

@amyrking6 years today I love you and I choose you everyday! 09-06-15 #dillandduggs #forevertogo

♬ I Don’t Dance – Lee Brice

Duggar fans wish Amy & Dillon King a happy anniversary.

In the comments section of Amy’s Instagram post, fans are commenting to wish the couple a happy anniversary. One fan writes, “Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful life you’re making !” Others call them a “beautiful couple.” 

They are also commenting on the video documenting the first six years of their marriage. They love seeing all of the special moments the couple has shared together so far. Some fans remember watching the couple on Marriage Bootcamp and seeing their relationship flourish.

There are many more exciting moments ahead for Amy and Dillon, and fans can’t wait to see what happens next. As you may know, Amy is in the process of moving her clothing boutique from one space to another, which will offer new opportunities for the business to grow.

So, can you believe that Duggar cousin Amy King and her husband Dillon have been married for six years? What do you think of the TikTok she made? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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