Duggar Snarks Notice Bizarre Detail About Justin & Claire’s Relationship

Justin and Claire Duggar are celebrating six months of marriage! The former Counting On couple shared their exciting news on social media over the weekend.

In a new Instagram post, Claire shared a couple of new photos of herself and Justin. In the caption of her post, she wrote, “This week we celebrated 6 months of marriage! 🤍 Time is flying by, and we are loving every moment! When God brings you together, He does more than you could ever imagine!

Duggar fans are commenting on the post to wish the couple a happy anniversary. Others are talking about how cute and happy they look together.


Duggar Snarks are confused by Justin and Claire’s latest photos.

After looking at Justin and Claire’s newest photos, Duggar Snarks pointed out something strange they noticed. On Reddit, the family’s critics are talking about the bizarre details of the couple’s relationship. They think the pair’s ages are confusing. In the comments section of the Reddit post, some users are pointing out how young Justin looks, while Claire looks older. They think it might have something to do with the way Claire dresses or how they pose for photos.

Duggar fans may know that the couple is pretty young. Justin is currently 18 years old, while Claire is 20.

One Reddit user points out that it looks like Justin is still in high school. Others think Claire looks like a teacher or a mother, rather than Justin’s wife. Some think they both look like high schoolers.

Here’s what some of the other Duggar Snarks are saying:

  • “They still look like they should be high school sophomores getting ready for the band bake sale, not f*cking married.”
  • “Are we sure this isn’t a mom saying good bye to her college age son after spending the day moving him into his dorm room?”
  • “Claire looks like a high school English teacher in her first year.”
  • “She’s still cosplaying as my first grade teacher, circa 1986.”
  • “Eek. I have two sons his age, and I have to say these two look more like mom/son than husband/wife. It is bizarre.”
Claire Duggar Instagram
Claire Duggar IG
Claire Duggar Instagram

Other critics think it’s interesting that the couple is celebrating the six-month milestone. Technically, an anniversary is each year, rather than each month. One writes, “You know they are young when they celebrate a six month anniversary lol.”

So, do you think Justin and Claire Duggar’s relationship is odd? Do you agree with all of the comments? Let us know your thoughts down below.

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6 months of Claritin…Justin still looks like a high school kid. from DuggarsSnark

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