Elephant plays with buffalo friend in this super sweet video

Sheldrick Wildlife, an organization, working towards the rescue of animals in Kenya, recently took to Twitter to share a video that has now won people’s hearts. The video shows a sweet moment of interacting between an elephant named Ndotto and a buffalo named Ivia.

‘Ivia the buffalo and his ele-friend Ndotto are both orphaned animals who we are giving a second shot at life. In the wild, the two species would usually keep their distance. But, in our care, they are united by a love of play and are surprisingly gentle with one another,” reads the caption shared along with the video.

Take a look at the sweet clip that may leave you very happy:

The video was shared a day ago, on September 1. Since being posted, the clip has gathered more than 9,900 views and about 2,200 likes. It has also accumulated tons of comments from people.

“That’s beautiful,” wrote a Twitter user. “So cute,” shared another. “Very sweet to see,” expressed a third. “That is just beautiful. And a lesson we could all learn from in these dangerous and worrying times,” commented a fourth.

What are your thoughts on the video?

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