Emma Stone Sets Deal For “Cruella 2”

Oscar-winner Emma Stone has closed a deal to star in a sequel to this year’s “Cruella”.

The film was released in theaters and on Disney+ ‘Premier Access’ PVOD tier on May 26th – earning more than $222 million in worldwide ticket sales. Its PVOD earnings are unknown.

The deal is said to mutually benefit both sides, especially at a time as Disney is still assessing its release model on event titles and is making headlines for Scarlett Johansson’s lawsuit over its release strategy.

Original director Craig Gillespie and scribe Tony McNamara are returning to follow-up one of Disney’s most well-regarded animation to live-action adaptations with a 74% score on Rotten Tomatoes and an ‘A’ CinemaScore from audiences.

It’s presently not certain if the film will be a pure theatrical release or a simultaneously Disney+ Premier Access title like the first.

Source: Deadline



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