England’s ‘most isolated home’ is up for sale – but it has no electricity or internet

If you’re looking for a property and a bit of privacy, then we have some good news for you – England’s ‘most isolated home’ has gone up for sale for the first time.

Skiddaw House, which is based in Bassenthwaite, Keswick, is surrounded by Cumbrian moors and has no road to get there with the only route spanning three miles cross-country.

The home also has no mains electricity, no phone or internet signal and requires visitors to access it on foot or using a 4×4 is up for sale.

So it’s not great for your deliveries, but it is good for those who don’t like nosey neighbours!

The property is one sale for the first time
(Image: Mitchells Land & Property)


Until now, the six-bedroom property, built in 1829, was used as a shooting cabin and a hikers’ refuge.

It’s currently owned by a farmer who has branded it the ‘ultimate, off-grid, escape from it all bolt-hole’.

All you need is a cool £1.5 million and it could be yours!

The house was originally built as a gamekeepers lodge and is casually up a 1,550 foot up a mountain surrounded by other peaks.


Skiddaw House - England's most isolated home
The home also has no mains electricity, no phone or internet signal
(Image: Mitchells Land & Property)
Skiddaw House - England's most isolated home
The six-bedroom property was built in 1829
(Image: Mitchells Land & Property)


Although it doesn’t have mains electricity, there are solar panels that provide power. Meanwhile water comes from a spring which is heated using wood-burning stoves.

The property is being old via Mitchells Land Agency with head of the company, Andrew Wright, explaining that he thinks there will be ‘a lot of interest’ in the ‘inspiring one-of-a-kind property’.

He said: “To look at it, it is quite a plain property – because it is on the side of a mountain. You don’t look at any other property.

“It is an exceptionally rare opportunity to purchase somewhere as remote and peaceful as this.

Meanwhile, if your budget is slightly smaller, you may want to check out the properties in the stunning town of Maenza, which is situated in Rome’s Latium region.

That’s because you can now buy a home there for less than £1.

This is because the region, which lies about 70 kilometres south of the Italian capital, is the latest to join Italy’s €1 Houses project.

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