Etiquette expert says we’ve been holding our wine glasses wrong which affects taste

An etiquette coach has warned the way you hold your wine glass could ruin the drink’s flavour and has revealed how to avoid it.

Maria Liassides, who shares her expertise on TikTok, recently shared a video of the common mistakes people making when holding wine glass.

The first wrong method involves holding it with your fingers around the side of the bowl.

This, along with the second mistake of “cupping” the bowl, has the danger of warming up the wine and eventually changing its taste.

Next, Maria adds that it is considered a faux pas if you grip the glass by the base.

Maria Liassides showed some of the common ways that could potentially ruin the wine flavour

And if you clutch the stem in your palm, making a tight fist, this can look a bit clumsy.

The coach explains that the right way to hold a wine glass has to be done by holding the stem thumb with her forefingers.

“It works for both red and white wine,” she added in the comments.

“The best serving and drinking temperature for red is 15 to 20 degrees.”

While some viewers said “anywhere on the stem is okay”, Maria responded: “Agree, I show the most elegant way though.”

One, however, argued: “Unless it’s red, then you hold it around the bowl.”

A second commented: “Looks like the most easy way to spill it too.”

Maria rebutted and explained: “In good restaurants, the wine is initially served at the most suitable temperature.

The coach said the best way is to hold the glass by the stem
The coach said the best way is to hold the glass by the stem

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“If you hold the bowl, you could warm the wine and leave your finger prints on the glass.”

This comes after another elegance coach, Anna Bey, sharing her tips to single women on how to make themselves more “high value”.

She said one of the goals is to create “scarcity” of quality women so that men would pursue them in a “high desire”.

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