Ever wondered why it ‘rains’ inside a plane? Here’s what the water droplets really are

NEXT time you are on a flight, you might be confused to see it ‘raining’ from the overhead lockers.

While the “rain in the plane” isn’t anything to worry about regarding the flight, passengers may be confused as to why the ceiling seems to be ‘leaking’.


Someones ‘rain’ falls in planes – but don’t be worry about itCredit: Alamy

Between the cabin ceiling and the top of the fuselage is a space called the “dome,” according to Forbes.

And when warm air from the cabin and outside gets into this dome, and the fuselage cools to lows of 54C, this creates a frost which then becomes condensation particles.

This then seeps into the insulation panels of the cabin – which eventually seaps through into the cabin, causing the “rain”.

Not only is this gross for passengers, but it can also create mould and fungus in the blankets – which will then be dripping on you.

A new Swedish company called CTT Systems has created an anti-condensation system, similar to a dehumidifier, which stops the insulation blankets soaking up the water, which can often hold up to six times their weight.

They explain: “We create a dry air barrier that prevents moist air from reaching the cabin. If there is water in the insulation blankets, the dry air absorbs the moisture.

“As it is constantly blown into the [dome] space, it creates a positive flow that goes back into the cabin through [vents] in the ceiling. Then it follows the normal air stream out of the aircraft.”

However, until this is rolled out across all airlines, you don’t need to worry about the plane leaking on you next time you fly.

There are sometime reasons to be concerned on a flight.

In 2019, a honeymooning couple were left terrified after they realised the plane emergency exit was leaking before their eight hour flight home, although the airline said it was due to heavy weather outside.

And one passenger was forced to cover himself with a blanket after a brown liquid dripped on him from the lockers during a flight.

Here are some of the other plane features you may not have noticed.

The water is condensation which has leaked from outside


The water is condensation which has leaked from outsideCredit: Alamy
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