Family’s camping trip ruined by stranger snoring like a ‘food processor’

Nothing can get under your skin quite the same way as being unable to sleep due to a person’s snoring, as one fuming mum recently discovered while camping with her family

We’ve all had dealings with loud snorers, who keep you awake as they sleep close by, unaware they sound like a foghorn.

Methods of dealing with it vary – if it’s a loved one, you might jab them awake and get them to turn over.

But if it’s a stranger, your options are limited – maybe you risk saying something, or just blast them with an arctic silence as they wake up after a full eight hours of lovely sleep.

One mum was left feeling very unimpressed on her camping trip, after discovering a nearby camper “snored like a food processor. being turned on and off.”

So unimpressed was she, that she argued people who snore shouldn’t camp near other tents – which left people divided.

She shared her rant on Mumsnet, where it swiftly racked up a lot of varying opinions on snorers – and how the mum should react.

She wrote: “Having finally managed to get to sleep on our mysteriously but persistently deflating air mattress, someone in the field next door wakes me up making a noise like a food processor being turned on and off.

“I have young kids in the tent with me and older kids in the tent next door so I can’t wear eye plugs.

“It’s a family campsite so it’s not just me who won’t be able to wear earplugs.

“Just don’t go camping near others if you snore. They must know they snore because they’re not pitched up alone, so their party must all have come prepared with earplugs.”

She added: “It’s different from intermittent noise. I expect to be woken up a few times by dogs or babies and am happy to live with people chatting after my rather early bedtime.

“But making a really loud noise all night long so no one can sleep is different.

” If I spent all night banging a saucepan then I’d be a twat. If you know you’re going to make that much noise all night long then no you shouldn’t be sleeping near other people without at least walls between you.

“We all have our limitations and if you snore loudly all night long you shouldn’t camp. It’s not fair but everything is not for everyone.”

Her assertions left some people riled, as one self-confessed snorer wrote: “Oh god. I snore. Always have done. I’ll remember to not do the things I love because of it though. Thanks for the reminder.”

But another added: “Agree with you. It’s inconsiderate to inflict so much noise on others at night, not much of a holiday for everyone who then has to deal with sleep deprivation.”

A third wrote: “I’m a seasoned camper and often hear the off snore but occasionally come across snorers so loud you can hear them from the other side of a field. I agree it is spectacularly selfish to go to busy campsites if you are a very loud snorer.”

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