Female Filmmakers Try to Halt Festival Award to Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp‘s troubles stemming from his extremely toxic relationship with Amber Heard. Although he recently won an appeal in his divorce settlement from her, and public opinion has begun to shift a bit in Johnny’s favor, some girls are still on Amber’s side though. Here’s the story, it was announced this week that Depp would receive the Donostia, a lifetime achievement award, during the 69th annual San Sebastián International Film Festival in Spain. Local female filmmakers in Spain are not having it! The president of Spain’s Association of Female Filmmakers and Audiovisual Media put out a statement condemning the festival.

What The Filmmakers Are Saying


The president of the previously mentioned association, film director Cristina Andreu Cuevas, said she was shocked that Depp would be chosen as the recipient of the award. She went on to say,

“This speaks very badly of the festival and its leadership, and transmits a terrible message to the public: ‘It doesn’t matter if you are an abuser as long as you are a good actor,”

There was no further word as to whether or not female filmmakers would protest the festival in some way. Including boycotting the event altogether because of the presence of Depp. Who by the way is set to receive the award in person. He’s also expected to make multiple appearances throughout the festival.

Festival Organizers Did Retaliate

Johnny Depp arrives at Maria Cristina Hotel for the 68th San Sebastian International Film Festival

Festival organizers did stick up for Depp and their decision to award him the lifetime achievement designation. San Sebastián’s festival director José Luis Rebordinos said in a statement,

“The role of a film festival is not to judge the conduct of members of the film industry. The role of a film festival is to select the most relevant and interesting films of the year and to extend recognition to those who have made an extraordinary contribution to the art of film.”

Could There Be A Female Boycott?

Amber Heard

With the film festival essentially siding with Depp, the ball is known in Cristina Andreu’s court and the female filmmakers’ association. As we mentioned, there has been no official word as to what Johnny Depp can potentially expect to find if he shows up to receive the award. Andreu did mention that her organization was working closely with festival authorities to determine what their next step could be. There’s a good chance that something is going to go down in San Sebastián if Johnny Depp shows up as planned.

Current State of Depp & Heard’s Legal Battles

Amber Heard arrives at the High court in London as the legal action with her former husband Johnny Depp continues

Victories in court have been few and far between for Johnny in his now many legal battles against ex Amber Heard. They’ve not only fought over the divorce settlement. Depp even lost a lawsuit against the British paper the Sun. Over claims that Heard had made to the outlet. A couple of days ago, though, a judge granted Depp’s legal team the ability to dig through records to show that Amber Heard did not donate the money from their original divorce settlement as she had pledged to do. This rare victory is one that Depp’s team hopes will lead the way towards exposing Amber Heard’s true role in her relationship with Captain Jack Sparrow. Johnny’s won one battle, but the war is far from over!


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