Find Out if Your Favorite Soaps Are on Labor Day!

Soap fans are always double-checking the schedules during the holidays to see if their favorite daytime dramas are going to be on or not. And with Monday, Sept. 6 being Labor Day, it’s only natural to be curious if the soaps will be airing. Since we don’t want you to miss a single brand-new episode, we’ve got the rundown on what GENERAL HOSPITAL, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, and DAYS OF OUR LIVES have planned for the Labor Day holiday!

Is GENERAL HOSPITAL going to be on Labor Day?

GH fans might be feeling a sense of deja vu if they tune in on Monday because instead of a new episode, ABC will be airing an encore presentation of the Nov. 18, 2020 show where Chase stuns Willow with his confession, Michael is overwhelmed with guilt. Britt begins working with Jason, and Cyrus has Julian stuck between a rock and a hard place! So don’t worry, there’s no new episode to miss this day, and the drama from Friday will pick up right where it left off on Tuesday!

Is THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL going to be on Labor Day?

CBS Daytime is airing an all-new episode on Labor Day, so B&B viewers are going to want to make sure they tune in! Because with Sheila lurking around causing all kinds of trouble for Steffy and Finn’s young marriage and Eric and Quinn struggling to repair their relationship, you won’t want to miss anything!

Is THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS going to be on Labor Day?

Like its sister soap, Y&R will be airing a new episode on Monday, so the drama won’t be taking a break! So the heat in Genoa City is still intense as Victoria and Ashland head for the altar, Adam and Sally try to figure out what they are to each other, and Mariah recovers from her kidnapping ordeal!

Is DAYS OF OUR LIVES going to be on Labor Day?

DAYS rarely takes holidays off so viewers can look forward to plenty of action in Salem on Labor Day with Julie finding herself in a crisis, Calista making Bonnie’s life a living hell, and Ben and Ciara discussing their future and finding they’re not on the same page. And don’t forget — BEYOND SALEM starts streaming today!

So enjoy your Labor Day holiday with friends and family, and be sure to have your DVRs set (or just remember to stream your favorite soaps on Paramount+ or Peacock) so you don’t miss a single episode of the drama!

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