Finn’s Romp, Baby Taken & Pregnancy?

Bold And The Beautiful storylines always heat up for September. Spoilers reveal the drama for upcoming October sweeps will be high stakes for several couples. Let’s take a peek at where some of these scandalous characters could be heading. 

 Eric Drives Quinn Back To Carter’s Bed

Eric Forrester (John McCook) unexpectedly reunited with his wife Quinn Fuller Forrester (Rena Sofer) while suffering from erectile dysfunction. Is this sudden change of heart the truth or a test of Quinn’s fidelity? Either way, Quinn will likely end up in Carter Walton’s (Lawrence Saint-Victor) bed one last time before the month is out. It would be natural for Quinn to turn to Carter for her sexual needs. They have a deep attraction and love for one another.

B&B spoilers for the week of September 6 to September 10 reveal Eric overhears an intimate conversation between Carter and Quinn. He might feel guilty for not meeting Quinn’s needs. Eric may take matters into his own hands medically and finally see a doctor to get the meds that he needs to satisfy his wife. Another theory floating around is Eric could want Carter to take care of Quinn in the bedroom. One thing is for sure on soaps you always have that one last roll in the hay that lays down the groundwork for more exciting who’s the daddy drama on the CBS soap.

Carter and Quinn Youtube

A Shocking Pregnancy For Quinn Fuller? 

With Quinn likely heating things back up with Carter if only for a night, there could be a surprise pregnancy not far behind. But maybe Eric and Quinn have a special night together as well because Eric resolved himself to taking erectile dysfunction medicine. Quinn Fuller Forrester could find herself in a family way not knowing who the baby daddy is. She might pass the baby off as Eric’s for 9 months but the truth will come out eventually. Yes, Quinn is middle-aged and who knows what kind of medical history the powers that be have laid out for her but in the soap world anything is possible. Is there a pregnancy for Quinn in the future only time will tell? 

Bold and the Beautiful - Eric Forrester John McCook - Quinn Fuller - Rena Sofer
Quinn and Eric Youtube

 Will Paris Steal Steffy’s Man On Bold And The Beautiful?

Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and John “Finn” Finnegan are at odds over his “bio” mom. B&B viewers know that Paris Buckingham (Diamond White) has planted herself firmly in Finn’s corner. Bold And The Beautiful spoilers for the week of September 6 to September 10 show that she will turn down Zende Forrester’s (Delon de Metz) offer to move in with him. Paris prefers to stay close to her crush Dr. Finn. Paris could catch Finn in an emotional and depressing moment. Steffy has been relentless on how she feels about all of his betrayal. Mama Bear Steffy will protect her kid’s safety with her life and choose them over a man any day even if that man is Dr. McDreamy.

Bold and the Beautiful Steffy Forrester Finn Finnegan Paris Buckingham
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Paris Buckingham Has An Obsession With Finn?

Paris seems to already have some kind of obsession with Finn which only leads to the next step, the bedroom. In true soap fashion, these two most likely will sleep together in a passionate moment. Wine is almost always the culprit for that out of character behavior. The next day after that “romp’ Steffy may decide to give Finn another chance and forgive him for all of the sneakiness and betrayal. The problem now is Paris has bedded him and has more intense feelings going on. Will she turn into a fatal attraction, Zende has already taken notice of her behavior? Paris is not as stable as she comes off and this is sure to affect her. So while Paris is down and pining over Finn secretly, Sheila Carter could be there for her getting Paris to tell all. She may also gain an ally in Sheila who will encourage her to pursue Finn.

Bold and the Beautiful Paris Buckingham
Bold and the Beautiful Paris Buckingham – youtube

 Bold And The Beautiful: Scheming Sheila Befriends Paris Buckingham?

Sheila Carter’s (Kimberlin Brown) latest obsession is her newfound son Finn and grandson Hayes. There is only one person, besides Finn, who sympathizes with her. That would be Paris Buckingham. Sheila may discover Paris’s feelings and try to use them to her advantage. Paris could feel close to Sheila because she is his “mom” and want to share her one-night stand with her. Because Paris is dying to tell somebody about her “mistake” with Finn. Sheila could manipulate Paris to pursue Finn explaining that Steffy turned on him so fast she feels she is not the woman for her son. Paris telling Sheila about the drunken roll in the hay could be the straw that breaks her son’s marriage. That would leave a clear path to Finn and possibly Hayes. Sheila may also sweet-talk Paris to get close enough to Hayes to snatch him.

B&B Sheila Carter - Kimberlin Brown Youtube
B&B Sheila Carter – Kimberlin Brown Youtube


 Sheila Carter Always Gets What She Wants – Takes Hayes?

B&B viewers can be assured that master manipulator Sheila Carter will continue to blackmail Jack Finnegan (Ted King). He does not want Finn or his wife to learn of his past with Sheila. The one thing she wants more than anything is to have access to her grandson. Steffy does not trust Jack or Finn with keeping Hayes safe from his psycho granny. However, Sheila is resourceful and may push Jack to get her another visit with the baby. She may even finagle a visit through Finn. He may be vulnerable as spoilers show that he could believe his bio mom has a serious illness. Both men have trusted Sheila before. Steffy’s worst nightmare could come true, her baby being stolen by crazy Sheila Carter could very well happen! 

The Bold And The Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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