Five ways to get unfair parking fines dropped as motoring expert shares tips

A motoring expert has revealed how you can get your parking tickets dropped.

It’s not cheap getting a parking ticket as the charge can cost anywhere from £50 to £130, depending on your location.

They are often issued by local authorities (Penalty Charge Notices) which are given for breaching parking rules on public roads.

Many drivers don’t think to appeal a fine but it’s always worth a try considering it’s free to do so.

So if you feel like you’ve been judged unfairly, there are a few ways to go about things to get your money back.

Scott Dixon, owner of the Grumpy Git website, has revealed the most common ways to appeal a parking ticket fine.

He told Mirror Online that there are five specific ways to get those fines dropped.

Parking tickets are often issued if a person has failed to display a valid receipt

1. Road signs were hidden

To have your parking ticket dropped you will need to show evidence that the signs were hidden and not marked clear enough.

Road signs must always be clearly visible to a set and prescribed criteria.

2. You entered the wrong number plate

It happens a lot often than you think, especially if you’re registered to more than one car.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras don’t take disabilities into account which is protected under the Equality Act 2010.

So it’s worth explaining how you made the mistake.

3. The meter was broken

If this is the case it means you cannot be fined.

Ensure you have taken a photo of the broken meter and put a note on your dashboard if possible.

4. Your car broke down

If your vehicle has broken down, or you were legally loading and unloading your car, you can appeal.

It works in the same way if an emergency has taken place.

5. You were a few minutes off

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 is a fairness test.

So you would need to be given sufficient time to read any Terms and Conditions or signs before you choose to park your car.

Often there is a 10 minute grace period which is considered acceptable.

Parking ticket being issued
You can appeal if you think it’s unfair

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If you feel you’ve been unfairly fined there are ways you can appeal a local authority parking ticket.

There are usually contact details on the back of the ticket where you can appeal your fine.

You might be required to write a letter which includes any supporting evidence you may have.

Meanwhile if you’ve been issued a private parking ticket you will need to go to the owner of the land, for example the supermarket.


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