Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks’ Tough Decision Has Fans Sounding Off

Stevie Nicks has declared she will not be performing for the rest of 2021 as the coronavirus cases continue to rise, which has prompted Fleetwood Mac fans to respond in her comments. Nicks posted a statement to Twitter, saying that she made the tough decision for the safety of her herself and all of those going to public events and festivals.

“These are challenging times with challenging decisions that have to be made,” Nicks said in a statement posted online. “I want everyone to be safe and healthy and the rising Covid cases should be of concern to all of us. While I’m vaccinated, at my age, I am still being extremely cautious and for that reason have decided to skip the 5 performances I had planned for 2021.”

She continued, sharing that the decision was a difficult one to make due to her love of performing. However, she remains committed to promoting safe activities as the world continues to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. “Because singing and performing have been my whole life, my primary goal is to keep healthy so I can continue singing for the next decade or longer,” the statement concludes. “I’m devastated and I know the fans are disappointed, but we will look towards a brighter 2022.”

For the most part, Nicks was praised for being “conscientious” regarding her fans’ well-being.

“Totally understandable,” a fan wrote. They added that they felt optimistic that 2022 will offer a greater chance to gather in safely should more people get vaccinated.

Something one fan hopes for would be an online concert featuring Stevie Nicks and Lindsey. While it’s unlikely the pair will perform together again, an online concertu live stream could be a possible solution for those wanting to hear the star sing.

Fans, like this user, shared that they’d rather the singer stay healthy at home since “we are not getting any younger.”

“Thank you Stevie for all the great music in the past and the great music you will have in the future,” someone said.

Nicks only had five more shows on her schedule which, as this user says, would’ve likely kept her “up on stage, far from crowd, minimal exposure.” As she said, her decision was made to protect her fans and limit exposure.

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