Franklin on ‘My Wife and Kids’ Grew up to Be Ripped ‘All American’ Star

Noah Gray-Cabey, who starred as Franklin Mumford on the hit ABC sitcom My Wife and Kids, is all grown up and has the body to match. Twitter users were shocked to discover the All American actor with chiseled abs who plays Frausto is the same adorable child actor.

Gray-Cabey, most known for his role on the show as well as on Heroes, played the young love interest of Kady Kyle, the youngest of the Kyle clan. His role on the show lasted three seasons. Fans loved Franklin for his wit and out loud love of Kady. Franklin is a child prodigy, skilled at playing the piano, and intelligent – having attended and graduated from Harvard University before the age of 7.

Also a child prodigy in real life, Gray-Cabey learned to play the piano using a toy keyboard before becoming a master of the real piano by age 4. He’s performed all around the world, including in New England, Washington, and Jamaica with the New England Symphonic Ensemble on a world tour. In 2001, he became the youngest soloist ever to perform with an orchestra at the famed Sydney Opera House – as well as the Queensland Conservatory and the International Convention in Brisbane.

He took some time off to focus on his studies, enrolling in Harvard in 2011. He’s now in a recurring role as Frausto in All American. Fans can’t get enough of the now-grown hunk.

Twitter was set ablaze with women of all ages fawning over the now 26-year-old. But some say it’s hard to get the image of a baby “Franklin” out of their heads.

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