Frozen full English breakfast branded ‘monstrosity’ by disgusted Brits

Brits are lucky enough to have plenty of tasty dishes – from fish and chips to a full English breakfast.

These are staples in households across the UK and many whip them up every week.

However, when a lot of us are on the 9-5 grind or have the kids to look after, frozen meals can be more convenient than cooking from scratch.

But would you try a frozen full English?

One Reddit user caused quite the stir after coming across a frozen brekkie that has been branded a “f***ing monstrosity”.

The original poster captioned the post, “27 years of life and I have never seen a frozen Full English before. Anyone else?”

This frozen full English has caused quite the stir on Reddit

The picture showed a Kershaws frozen ‘Big Breakfast’, which consisted of all the usual trimmings of the British brekkie.

For a grand price of £1.89 the meal included “sausages, fried potatoes, beans, scrambled eggs, tomatoes” and even “breakfast ham”.

However, the cheap meal has left a rather sour taste in these Reddit users’ mouths.

One user commented: “Given that the pictures normally look better than the real thing, I shudder to think how revolting it must be!”

Another added: “I hate to sound like a snob but this looks like a f***ing monstrosity.”

Whilst a third joked: “Does it come with a frozen cuppa?”

Some people admitted to actually eating the controversial meal to offer their verdict on how the frozen brekkie tasted.

One person said : “I’d stay away. I’ve had one before, rancid.”

Whilst another commented: “I have. Consumed a few too. I’m ashamed.”

The original poster added that they chose not to put the classic dish with a twist in their basket.

They admitted: “I was not willing to spend the £1.89 to find out!”

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