‘Fuller House’ Star Bob Saget Apologizes on Social Media After Controversial Move

Bob Saget is apologizing to all of those he has blocked on social media. After Twitter users began sharing their stories of getting blocked by the Fuller House actor, Saget took to the social media platform on Sunday to officially turn a new leaf, issuing a formal apology while also wishing indie band Car Seat Headrest well.

In the tweet, Saget said, “to all the people I’ve blocked over the years.” The actor explained that he “can only let positive stuff in” and has chosen to block out any negativity online by hitting the block button. He even quipped, “if could block myself I would.” Saget ended the tweet by tagging the band Car Seat Headrest, sharing that he was sending his “very best” to the band.

While Saget didn’t further expand on why he tagged Car Seat Headrest, Uproxx notes that in August of 2010, the band released its album 4. That album contained the song “The Ghost Of Bob Saget,” which features explicit lyrics about Saget. In the song, the band sings, “Last night, I was haunted by the ghost of Bob Saget / He said, ‘You’re more or less than just a f—/ So I put on a dress and followed him to Heaven / But first, I gave him a blowjob outside the 7-Eleven.”

In responding to Saget’s tweet, the official Car Seat Headrest Twitter account tweeted, “Bob, you were in a comic my friend [Cate Wurtz] wrote a while ago!” The band explained that their jabs at Saget “became a whole thing” following the release of the comic, which is titled A–castle. Similar to the song, the comic features the “alleged ghost of Bob Saget,” who has been a recurring character in the piece.

Regardless of the reasoning, Saget’s tweet certainly generated some buzz on social media, and by Monday morning, the actor’s name was among the trending topics. One person tweeted, “i cannot believe this bob saget shit happened on the anniversary of 4 being released that’s so wild.” Meanwhile, others have recounted their stories of being blocked by Saget and other celebrities. Wurtz even got in on the talk, humorously asking, “is bob saget seriously trending bc people are showing him a–castle lmfao.” Wurtz later added, “sorry bob.”

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