Furious Kelly Clarkson Stress-Eating, Gaining Weight Amid Disastrous Divorce?

Kelly Clarkson smiling in a black dress

Is Kelly Clarkson recent divorce causing her crippling stress? One tabloid claims she’s packing on the pounds in an effort to cope. Gossip Cop investigates.

Kelly Clarkson Stress Eating Amid Divorce Battle?

The latest edition of Life & Style reports that Kelly Clarkson is struggling to cope with the stress of her recent divorce. The couple has been locked in a bitter divorce battle for some time now, and Clarkson recently admitted that it’s been hard. “It’s no secret my life has been a little bit of a dumpster,” Clarkson confessed last fall, stating that divorce “is the worst thing ever for everyone involved.”

But the tabloid reveals that things haven’t improved for Clarkson. The singer was ordered to pay her ex-husband $150,000 in spousal support, $45,601 in child support despite having primary custody, and $1.25 million in legal fees. An inside source dishes, “She’s furious,” adding, “Kelly thought she knew her husband and their future, but it turns out she knew nothing. The whole ordeal has drained her emotionally and physically. She can’t wait for it all to be over.”

That being said, the outlet notes that Clarkson is good for the money. The singer already brings in a reported $1.9 million every month from her show, and the outlet claims she is currently “renegotiating her talk show contract and wants a substantial increase.” Despite her recent successes, “the pain of the past year has taken a toll and she’s been stress-eating to cope,” the insider confides, “The pounds are slowly adding up.”

But the magazine notes that the silver lining is that Clarkson will be declared single in “a matter of days,” a final settlement is “expected to happen soon.” Clarkson and her ex-husband had a prenup which still stands, so she is mostly protected. “One thing about Kelly is she never loses hope,” the source notes, “She’ll be at her best again in no time.”

Kelly Clarkson Binging On Comfort Foods?

So, is it true Clarkson is coping with her divorce battle by chowing down on Southern cooking? We seriously doubt it. What the outlet fails to explain is that the recent decision in Clarkson’s divorce proceedings turned out to be a big win for her. While it’s unsurprising that Clarkson is expected to shell out the majority of her children’s school tuition, it was decided that she wouldn’t have to pay a dime towards her ex-husband’s $81,000 a month Montana ranch.

Given the prenup in place and her $45 million net worth, Clarkson isn’t taking a huge loss financially as a result of her divorce. It’s likely the American Idol legend is just happy to have taken another step towards being legally single. And as far as the weight gain stuff goes, it isn’t even worth dignifying with a response. Clarkson looks great despite the tabloid’s attempts to drag her down.

The Tabloid On Kelly Clarkson

This wouldn’t be the first time Life & Style got it wrong about Clarkson. Back in 2019, the tabloid alleged Clarkson was feuding with Gwen Stefani. Then, just last year, the outlet alleged Clarkson was having second thoughts about her divorce. More recently, the magazine published a misleading cover story claiming Clarkson’s was uglier than ever. It’s obvious fans of Clarkson should look elsewhere for information on the singer.

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