Garcelle Beauvais Addresses RHOBH’s Hypocrisy With Denise Richards

Garcelle Beauvais shared her thoughts on that controversial scene from last week. She also addressed the RHOBH cast’s hypocrisy towards Denise Richards. She is not holding back when it comes to talking about Erika Jayne’s ongoing legal drama. Unfortunately, it recently landed her in trouble.

In a previous episode, Garcelle revealed to the cast that Thomas Girardi still calls Erika daily. Erika was not happy with Garcelle sharing those details. She thought she could trust her friend. This led to her breakdown and crying fit in the bathroom.

Lisa Rinna and sources say that she also had a screaming fit with the production team. Erika is very a secretive woman, especially when she’s trying to be open and honest.

Does Garcelle Beauvais believe the RHOBH co-star?

In a new interview, Garcelle Beauvais talked about what she believes her co-star knew about her ex-husband’s business dealings. Erika Jayne claims she was in the dark when it came to their finances. Thomas never shared any of that information with her. She even had to learn how to use a debit card and bank account after filing for divorce.

According to Garcelle, they were learning about the legal proceedings during filming. Sometimes the producers would bring up. Or, they would come across the news on social media. It was kind of hard to escape since Erika and Thomas’ divorce makes headlines daily.

“Everything was developing as we shot,” Garcelle explained on the latest episode of Access Hollywood’sHousewives Nightcap.” “I mean, literally, every day we’d wake up and there’d be something the producers either texted us or we’re reading online or we’re hearing the news.”

Garcelle said that it was “really hard” for Erika to film at times. She’s unsure if Erika was aware of the crimes that Thomas allegedly committed against his former clients. Garcelle brought up more questions in the interviews. However, she also noted that not all marriages are alike, especially those in May-December relationships.

“I believe she didn’t know all of it. Is there something she could have known? Maybe. But every marriage has a different dynamic,” Garcelle continued. “I felt I was really in the know [but] I was not in the know about everything in my marriage. When you’re dealing with a guy that’s high-powered, I don’t think he told her everything.”

She addresses the hypocrisy with Denise Richards’ situation

Garcelle Beauvais feels that Erika has no choice but to show up to the reunion. In RHOBH Season 10, the cast continued to question Denise Richards about her alleged Brandi Glanville. Fans noticed that they haven’t been as hard on Erika. Garcelle agrees with the blatant hypocrisy when it came to their longtime friend.

“It irritates me. And also, it doesn’t make sense,” she said. “Some of them knew Denise longer than Erika. I don’t get it. That’s really baffling to me. How come they believe Erika right out of the gate and they never believed Denise? And this is much bigger issues.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think Erika knew about Thomas’ business dealings? Do you agree with the hypocrisy when it came to Denise? Sound off below in the comments.

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